2 Rearrange a Melody

To recreate a melody – this is all about the same as to watch cooking a cake and then to write down the recipe. When the children watched very well than the recreated recipe is conform to the recipe of the cook. No doubt thereby the children would have learned a lot. But they will not be content to do so, sure one will have the idea to vary the recipe. You could dose this and mix that in another and then try if it tasts.
This is exactly what we will do now: we will rearrange  the melodies.Bruder Jakob umbauen 1

This is the recreated Frère Jaques. This time shown with the notation of the rhythm. When you worked the first time with the table – this is an opportunity to have “en passant” a view on rhythm-notation.

→ TASK: We want to bring the tones in a new order in each line. But not offhandedly. It should sound good! Try with tabDo as long as your melody appeals to you and then write it under the notes.

This are examples: row 1, bar 1-4
Burder Jakob Umbau 1

When the task is clear, they start reconstructing the whole melody.

How do we perform this?

The children could play their new melody on tabDo. Or they show you the new melody and you play it on the piano.

No! The children shall sing their new melody! We want them to develop an inner imagination ot tones, we want that they experience the the arising of their melody and that they are so to speak the owners when it is completed. This is not until they can sing their own melody.

In the end we have a new version of „Frère Jaques”, and we come into conversations about technical questions about composition. Is it good? Better than the original. Worse?….We come into conversations about criterions and if it is possible to decide such questions at all

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