tabDo is a music education app for children at the elementary school level.

tabDo is not an instrument to play melodies, tabDo is an instrument to play with melodies.

tabDo allows children to play with those melodies, which they know by heart and love to sing. With just this “knowledge”, they can independently explore how to string tones into their favorite melodies.  In this way, children learn the “grammar“ of music without theory, similar to the way language is acquired in early development.  As with language, music must follow “sound before sign”; an inner perception of musical sound must develop and grow before notation and theory can become meaningful.  tabDo implements this concept of learning by bringing the basic solmization system into an easy to use touchscreen form.  By tapping their way through the syllables, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do, at a selected key, children will learn:

– to recognize musical notes
– that musical notes are independent of key
– to weave notes into familiar melodies

tabdo is a fun, easy to use learning tool that teaches children the most basic form of melodies.

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tabDo is available in the Appstore of apple